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Typical Structural Shape(Divided in Composition)

Crossing Truss Series:Such as two-way orthogonal space grids,two-way diagonal lattice grids,two-way shew space grids,three-way space grids.(Fig.1.)

Quadrangle Pyramid Series: such as orthogonal square pyramid space grids(Fig.2),orthogonal square pyramid space grids with openings,diagonal square pyramid space grids, square pyramid space grids of checkerboard pattern,square pyramid space grids of star pattern etc.

Triangle Pyramid Services: Such as triangular pyramid space grids(Fig.3.),triangular pyramid space grids,with opening,triangular pyramid space grids of honeycomb pattern etc.

Curvature-Face Space Frame Series: Such as braced domes(Fig.4),braced barrel vaults,hyperbolic parabolic space shell and pyramid etc.

Other Series: Such as hexagon pyramid space grids,cobweb space frame,folded space grids,composite space grids,cable-stayed space grids(Fig.5)etc.

Specifications of Main Parts for Space Frame

Steel grade

Supporting Type of Space Frame

Periphery-supporting Space Frame(Fig.6)

This supporting type is widely used as it transmits force directly and gets evenly.

Point-Supporting Space Frame(Fig.7)

The space frame can be put on 4 or more-point support with upper chord or column cap supporting’s(Fig.8).

Combined Periphery and point Supporting Space Frame

This kind of support is specially suited to the large area industry workshop and other architecture.该形式

Three-side-supporting One-side-opening(Fig.9)or Two-side Supporting Two-side Opening(Fig.10)Space Frame

In this case,the un supporting side(free sides)should specially be treated,such as increasing layer of space frame near the free sides,adding joints or increasing the height of space frame.

Main Installation Method of Space Frame


Full Scaffold Aerial Bulking method(Fig.12)

This installation method is applied to the bolted-ball joint space Frame, and in places where there is no enough hoisting capacity and the full scaffold can be set up.

Aerial Sliding method(Fig.13)

This assembling method is applied to the places where is a hoisting area and hoisting area and hoisting equipment.

Integral Hoisting Method(Fig.14)
This assembling method is applied to the places where is a hoisting area and hoisting equipment.

Working Platform Sliding Method(Fig.15)

This installation method is applied to the large pillar supporting space frame with fine stiffness.